2020 Race Results - Kananaskis

The 10km race was held on Thursday and the 2.5km and 5km races on Saturday. The weather was just below 0C with a little fresh snow which slowed down the skiers. The race results are arranged first by vision (B1, B2, B3), then by gender. These results are also available in PDF format. Many photos taken at the 2020 event are available.

2.5km Race
2.5kmB3 female1Susan Loviner, USA0:08:08Sue Bates
2.5kmB3 female2Louise Caya, BC0:25:59Andrea Graham
5km Race
5kmB3 male1Chris White, ON0:19:13Jeremy White
5kmB3 male2Jerry King, ON0:22:40Ivar Wigaard
5kmB3 male3Ron McIvor, BC0:26:30Ernst Stalder
5kmB3 female1Lorraine Kelly, AB0:28:13Connie Cadotte
5kmB3 female2Maggie Livingstone, BC0:42:07Anna Bentley
5kmB3 female3Arlene Stapleton, BC0:45:54Brian Boswell
5kmB2 male1Brahim Taliba, DK0:26:28Peter Neumann
5kmB2 male2Jeremy Steenberg, AB0:29:23Bruce Brown
5kmB2 male3Lloyd Buckler, AB0:31:35Lew Lasher
5kmB2 female1Sandra Lecour, AB0:26:07John Groeneveld
5kmB2 female2Elizabeth Hurdman, ON0:30:54Jeff Hurdman
5kmB2 female3Leslie Parker, AB0:45:18Heather Zand
5kmB1 male1Peter Quaiattini, AB0:24:42Jen Tweddell
5kmB1 male2Dave Wilkinson, USA0:25:11Ben Churchill
5kmB1 male3Sven Mogensen, DK0:29:14Don Lee
5kmB1 female1Vivian Chong, ON0:35:15Kathleen O'Conner
5kmB1 female2Sheila Styron, USA0:43:39Anna Fielding
5kmB1 female3Cathy Stuckenberg, BC0:47:23Cindy Richards
10km Race
10kmB3 male1Chris White, ON0:31:47Jeremy White
10kmB3 male2Jerry King, ON0:38:33Geoff White
10kmB3 male3Ron McIvor, BC0:47:16Eric McAvity
10kmB3 female1Maggie Livingstone, BC1:28:59Anna Bentley
10kmB2 male1Lloyd Buckler, AB1:06:52Harvey Doucet
10kmB2 female1Sandra Lecour, AB0:48:34John Groeneveld
10kmB2 female2Barbara Bielinski, USA0:50:50Ivar Wigaard
10kmB2 female3Mary Kennedy, AB0:51:13Steve Davies
10kmB1 male1Dave Wilkinson, USA0:44:00Ben Churchill
10kmB1 male2Peter Quaiattini, AB0:48:26Jen Tweddell
10kmB1 male3Sven Mogensen, DK0:52:58Don Lee
10kmB1 female1Janice Newman, UK1:00:27Dave Dalman
10kmB1 female2Vivian Chong, ON1:12:58Kathleen O'Conner
10kmB1 female3Sheila Styron, USA1:25:12Anna Fielding