2019 Race Results - Kananaskis

The 2019 10km race was held on Thursday, Feb 7, 2019. Unfortunately, due to cold weather about -25°C, the 2.5km and 5km races had to be cancelled for safety reasons.

The race results are arranged first by vision (B1, B2, B3), then by gender.

The 2019 results are also available in PDF format. Many photos taken at the 2019 event are available.

10km Race
10km B3 female1Maggie Livingstone, BC1:36:09Dorothy Dudek, ON
10km B3 male 1Chris White, ON 0:33:51Geoff White, AB
10km B3 male 2Jerry King, ON 0:42:14Michael Hainsworth, USA
10km B3 male 3Anthony Nelson, USA0:58:53Brian Boswell, BC
10km B2 female1Mary Kennedy, AB0:53:41 Gudrun Thompson, AB
10km B2 male 1Knut Soerskaar, Norway0:34:15Ola Soerskaar, Norway
10km B2 male 2Brahmm Talibi, Denmark1:00:00Don Lee, AB
10km B2 male 3Shane Wegner, USA1:10:23Bruce Brown, AB
10km B2 male 4James Mumford, USA1:13:50Gordon Wright, ON
10km B1 female1Brook Sexton, USA1:25:48Jocelyn Clayard, AB
10km B1 male 1Peter Quaiattini, AB0:53:22Jenn Tweddell, AB
10km B1 male 2Dave Wilkinson, USA0:53:40Jeremy White, AB
10km B1 male 3Sven Mogensen, Denmark0:54:38Janine Jorgenson, ON
10km B1 male 4Yang-su Cho, USA1:00:38Ju-yeong Lee, USA
10km B1 male 5Ron Walsh, SK1:03:38Jan Fletcher, BC
10km B1 male 6Shabu Hussein, AB1:15:13Shaida Hussein, AB