2017 Race Results - Kananaskis

The results are also available in PDF format. Many photos taken at the 2017 event are available.

The race results are in two tables, first Women's races then Men's races. The Women's races are arranged first by race length (2.5km, 5km, 10km, sit-ski), then by vision (B1, B2, B3), then by place (first, second, third). For example, the first race result will be 2.5km, B1, first place. After that are the skier, their time and the guide.
The second table is for Men's races. It is the same except that is also grouped by age.

2.5kmB11Louise Caya, BC72 min. 11 sec.Ron Mason, AB
5kmB31Lorraine Kelly, AB25 min. 06 sec.Steve Quthet, AB
5kmB32Arlene Stapleton, BC35 min. 40 sec.Joan Selby, BC
5kmB33Maggie Livingstone, BC38 min. 46 sec.Anna Bentley, BC
5kmB21Mary Kennedy, AB22 min. 46 sec.Gudrun Thompson, AB
5kmB22Elizabeth Hurdman, ON27 min. 47 sec.Jeff Hurdman, ON
5kmB11Christine Malec, ON43 min. 29 sec.Dorethy Dudec, ON
10kmB31Maggi Livingstone, BC97 min. 19 sec.Anna Bentley, BC
10kmB21Mary Kennedy, AB54 min. 09 sec.Gudrun Thompson, AB
10kmB22Sandra Lecour, AB57 min. 13 sec.John Groswell, AB
10kmB23Elizabeth Hurdman, ON66 min. 22 sec.Jeff Hurdman, ON
Sit SkiB11Tracy Mouseau, ON50 min. 22 sec.Alan Stummer, ON

5km Under 50B31Jerry King, ON20 min. 09 sec.Kaare Asak, AB
5km Under 50B32Ron McIvor, BC24 min. 24 sec.Howard Thompson, AB
5km Under 50B21Knut Sørskar, Norway17 min. 29 sec.Knut O. Sørskar, Norway
5km Under 50B22Gabriel Ray, AB32 min. 52 sec.Bruce Chatterton, AB
5km Over 50 B21Ron Walsh, SK28 min. 01 sec.Janet Fletcher, BC
5km Over 50 B12James Mumford, ON29 min. 58 sec.Gord Wright, ON
5km Under 60B11Peter Quaiattini, AB26 min. 43 sec.Krizandra Rafa, AB
5km Under 60B12Brian Arthur, ON32 min. 13 sec.Harvey Doucet, BC
5km Under 60B13Lui Greco, AB36 min. 49 sec.Andrea Graham, AB
5km Over 60 B11Shabu Hussain, AB31 min. 17 sec.Shada Hussain, AB
5km Over 60 B12Roger Woodgate, AB43 min. 51 sec.Darlene Wegar, AB
5km Over 60 B13Brian McIvor, AB56 min. 40 sec.Bill Graham, AB
10kmOver 60 B31Jerry King, ON45 min. 17 sec.Don Lee, AB
10kmOver 60 B3--Ron McIvor, BCD.N.F.Howard Thompson, AB
10kmUnder 50B21Knut Sørskar, Norway36 min. 10 sec.Knut O. Sørskar, Norway
10kmUnder 50B22Gabriel Rey, AB75 min. 30 sec.Bruce Chatterton, AB
10kmOver 50 B21Ron Walsh, SK66 min. 00 sec.Janet Fletcher, BC
10kmOver 50 B22James Mumford, ON75 min. 01 sec.Gord Wright, ON
10kmOver 50 B11Shabu Hussain, AB80 min. 25 sec.Shada Hussain, AB
10kmOver 50 B12Brian Arthur, ON84 min. 28 sec.Harvey Doucet, BC